It's amazing what you'll find when you count art!

Can art and statistics get along?

Check out this introductory video about the Art of Counting project. Learn how we combine art historical research and statistics to better understand our shared visual history.

The Red Looped Sash

New research on an enigmatic element of royal regalia.

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Every detail matters


Guess what? You already understand it.

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Gorgeous colors & resplendent details are a gift from the past not to be wasted.

Ground-breaking research

Download the PhD dissertation, Excel spreadsheets of raw data and more!

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Hacking the Ankh

What does this ubiquitous Egyptian symbol really mean?

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Uncovering patterns hidden in plain sight

Factor analysis and art history

How does it work and what can it reveal?

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You put your botany in my Egyptology!

Ancient Egypt's lappet wig

Examination of pharaoh's most democratic headgear.

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Every piece is important to solving the puzzle!

Tacky Tourists

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Hacking the Atef crown

A brief discussion of this elaborate crown at Medinet Habu.

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Not just pretty pictures...

though we do have a lot of pretty pictures.

Directed vs. Data-driven research

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Cluster analysis & art history

It's not as scary as it looks!

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Hacking the king's sandals

In-depth discussion on the symbolism of pharaoh's footwear.

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  • Basic analysis of select variables at Medinet Habu


    Although frequency reports are quite basic and easy to accomplish, they can quickly reveal general tendencies; furthermore, as stated in a previous post, frequency reports are the easiest to understand.

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  • History of the Art of Counting

    The Art of Counting comes from seven years of development. It was born from my dissertation project, which began at the memorial temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu (c. 1185 B.C.E.). All (except very heavily damaged) relief scenes in the temple that include the …

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The Art of Counting is dedicated to the memory of Margery Meilleur, who first taught me to view history through the eyes of the images we create.