Vehicle of the Sun: The Royal Chariot in the New Kingdom (excerpt from Chasing Chariots, eds. Veldmeijer and Ikram) available for free download

It is with great pleasure that I announce the availability of my recently published article, “Vehicle of the Sun: The Royal Chariot in the New Kingdom”, for free pdf download.

This 20+ page article explores the significance of the king’s chariot and developed from my award-wining MA thesis at the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology (University of Memphis), which was directed by Dr. Stephen Harvey.  The discussion and analysis focused on the iconography on the decorated chariot body discovered in the tomb of Thutmosis IV.   This intricately embellished vehicle is covered with battle scenes of the king riding in his chariot and, on the interior, pharaoh is shown as winged sphinx trampling Asiatic and Nubian foes.  By analyzing the scenes, examining comparative material (such as the chariots discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun), and correlating this visual data with the body of textual references to the chariot, this discussion linked the royal vehicle with the king’s solar connections and his role in maintaining cosmic order.

These concepts were extensively developed under the tutelage of Dr. David O’Connor, resulting in the current article.

If you would like to download this excerpt from Chasing Chariots: Proceedings of the First Egyptian Chariot Conference, edited by A. Veldmeijer and S. Ikram, please visit our Downloads page and select the link.    Also note that on this page you may also gain access to other publications as well as a pdf of my PhD dissertation on which the Art of Counting project is based.

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