Variable of the Day, Ancient Egypt: Receiving from deity


Temple of Seti I at Abydos

NOTE: This variable covers the action of any element being given to the king.  There are both active (where he actually grasps or cups the item) and passive (where he does not make physical contact) versions of this variable.  The gods usually are conferring emblems of power, as in this example where Seti receives symbols of his right to rule, or hand weapons (usually the khepesh, or scimitar, sword) to the king as a command to carry out a military campaign.

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  1. Kasia Szpakowska09-30-2012

    I love that staff, enwrapped with papyrus is it? and the cobras wearing crowns one of Lower Egypt (red crown) but the other Osirian Atef? …. a sort of serpent staff?

    • Art of Counting09-30-2012

      Good catch, Kasia! I was focused on the grasping hands and missed the feathers on that crown–I bet it is a play on the more usual White crown due to the context at the sacred Osirian site of Abydos. It does appear to be a pair of papyrus umbles as well rather than the expected papyrus and lotus. So many incredible, snake-based staffs in this temple!

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