Variable of the Day, Ancient Egypt: Contact with deity


Temple of Seti I at Abydos


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  1. Kasia Szpakowska03-12-2012

    Lovely. Wonderful to see the contact between king & god. Would be interesting to see exact gestures involved—my favourite being Hatshepsut’s being licked by Hathor as a cow, mirrored in the papyrus of an 18th Dynasty priest being licked by the cow in the thicket (so much for personal piety being a Ramesside phenomenon, HAH!)

    • Art of Counting03-12-2012

      Differentiating the types of contact is definitely important! We will have to think of how specific we want to get (and you know me–I like specificity); there’s no doubt ‘being licked’ needs to be it’s own variable 😉

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