Variable of the Day, Ancient Egypt: Jackal heads


Tomb of Khaemwaset (QV44)

NOTE: Tiny jackal heads, very similar in appearance to those found at the end of many Middle Kingdom magic wands (link is to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of these enigmatic items), often appear in the tips of the king’s pointed kilts.  Many relief examples exist, but they are usually rendered (as here) only in paint.

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  1. Lyn Green10-27-2012

    The late Nicholas B. Millet always told us that these were fennec or fox heads.

    • Art of Counting10-27-2012

      Certainly could be, Lyn–especially the examples that have wide ears. Don’t suppose you have a reference? I was following a note I’d seen that suggested they were connected with the jackals that tow the solar bark (which I could have sworn was in Kozloff & Bryan’s Dazzling Sun, but now cannot find). Perhaps I should just use ‘canid heads’ for the variable name.

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