Variable of the Day, Ancient Egypt: Royal beard


Tomb of Ramses VI (KV9)

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  1. David Caldecoat08-09-2011

    I’m really enjoying the colour in your photos in the Valley of the Kings, full of richness and detail. Would love to have copies for my own collection…

    • Art of Counting08-11-2011

      Thank you, David, I sure had a great time taking them! I’m currently building the new Art of Counting website (to be launched soon!) and am including a way to purchase full-resolution copies of my images. You are always free to download images (they are smaller resolution) that you see on this site, provided that you cite the Art of Counting.

The Art of Counting is dedicated to the memory of Margery Meilleur, who first taught me to view history through the eyes of the images we create.