Tacky Tourist: Owling & Planking are so last week, Starfishing is hot!


We are pleased to reinitiate our ongoing series of tourists doing or wearing, shall we say…interesting things.  Some of these photos will make you cringe, some will make you guffaw, and some will make you want to immediately book every responsible person you know for an Egypt trip so there would be more of us around to smack these people when we see them.  These were taken only a few weeks ago in the Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall.  This young woman apparently decided that having a friend hoist her up so she could cling to the side of a 3,500 year old column covered with crumbling relief was an AWESOME idea.  Not certain what the point of this exercise was, but Karnak project photographer Richard Fero happily recorded the highly undignified steps this woman took to get up on the column base.

Success? Looks like she found her happy place.


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  1. Terry08-12-2011

    Wow! Good ass, lol!

    • Art of Counting08-13-2011

      Quite, although she is showing far too much of it to respectfully visit one of the largest and longest-lived religious structures on the planet, particularly considering it is in the middle of a conservative country. My issue isn’t that she has an ass, but that she is BEING one.

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