Is Zahi Hawass giving up his job?


UPDATEAP has now released confirmation of Hawass’s resignation in their report on the cabinet reshuffle.  Another AP article, out of Cairo, specifically states now that Zahi was “fired.”

Any news related to Zahi Hawass will be emotionally charged, as he is a lightning rod for both praise and criticism.  And when things are emotionally charged, accuracy sometimes is the first victim. Did Zahi Hawass lose his job? Has he already lost it? Let’s put this to the test.

The Art of Counting strives to bring you accurate information, whether it’s about a 3,500 year old archeological find or news about a current Egyptian event.  Right now, as of 12:45pm Central Standard Time, there are multiple reports surrounding the alleged resignation of Zahi Hawass.  Some reports say Zahi Hawass has resigned, while other reports say Zahi Hawass will resign.  One report even states that Dr. Hawass “warned tourists to stay away from Egypt.”

Until the Art of Counting sees these details confirmed and validated by multiple reliable sources (such as Reuters, Associated Press, or Zahi Hawass’s official website), we will not take a position on this matter.

Egyptology News provides links to several additional reports and is, as always, an excellent source for reliable information.


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  1. David Caldecoat07-18-2011

    I’m saddened that it has come to this with Hawass, I thought he was doing a great job with Egypt’s past and promoting Egypt. I think who ever replaces him will have big shoes to fill. Good Luck Egypt.

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