Move over, Indy! Dr. Parcak and modern technologies reveal thousands of ‘lost’ sites


Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist at the University of Birmingham, has been using infra-red and satellite imagery for many years to map Egypt.  As discussed by the BBC, Dr. Parcak has also used these technologies to reveal a large number of archaeological sites, including many pyramids!

Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt.

More than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were also revealed by looking at infra-red images which show up underground buildings.

She also hopes the new technology will help engage young people in science and will be a major help for archaeologists around the world.

“It allows us to be more focused and selective in the work we do. Faced with a massive site, you don’t know where to start.

“It’s an important tool to focus where we’re excavating. It gives us a much bigger perspective on archaeological sites. We have to think bigger and that’s what the satellites allow us to do.”

“Indiana Jones is old school, we’ve moved on from Indy, sorry Harrison Ford.”

Embrace the technology, folks!  There is so much left to uncover, detect, record, and analyze (as we do in the Art of Counting project), we HAVE to use the advanced technological tools at our disposal to do the job properly.  Move over, Indy.

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