Zahi Hawass speaks out on the legal case against him

UPDATE:  Dr. Hawass reports on his blog that the legal case has been appealed.

Dr. Hawass has posted a response on his blog to the legal case against him. He refutes the charges and states:

I have every confidence that this matter will be cleared up very soon, so I want to tell everyone not to worry. I respect the laws of my country very highly, and the rulings of our courts. I intend to handle this matter entirely within our legal system. Nothing will cause me to lose focus from my goal of protecting the sites of Egypt.

The last part of his statement is why Egyptologists follow Zahi’s actions closely.  Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings, it cannot be denied that Zahi Hawass has been–and currently remains–integral to Egyptian antiquities.  Particularly in this time of unrest, with many problems at archaeological sites across the country, a strong central leadership is often necessary to prevent further destruction to these treasures and the unknown knowledge they contain.

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