Tacky Tourists: Stupidity in sundresses with our first Paris Hilton Award candidates of the year!


Our ongoing series of tourists doing or wearing, shall we say…interesting things.  Some will make you snicker at the silliness, some will make you wail at the selfishness, and others will make you wish you had control over who was issued a passport.  These two ladies I encountered on the Giza plateau stopped me dead in my tracks. It isn’t unusual to see bizarre clothing choices from tourists at the Great Pyramid, but the outfits these women selected for their tour really stood out.   The white leather strappy heels, short tight sundresses (in matching patterns, no less) and the odd, largely functionless hats make them our first Paris Hilton Award candidates for 2011!  Even if you are going to high tea at the Mena House after your visit to the pyramids, you could at least bring along a sensible pair of folding flats for picking your way through the uneven terrain.  Whatever rocks your boat, but a twisted ankle isn’t my idea of a memorable souvenir…

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  1. Jamie01-15-2011

    Heels! Really?!?!

    • Art of Counting01-15-2011

      I know it! You want to track these women down and ask what on earth was going through their heads when they chose these outfits to go wander around the pyramids, but I have a feeling that thinking never entered into the equation…

  2. David Caldecoat02-14-2011

    Why on earth would you wear heals in and around the pyramids–wouldn’t you fall over more frequently??
    I’m sorry I have never worn heals. I would have worn sneakers of walking books.

    • Art of Counting02-15-2011

      I’m in full agreement, David! The idea of wearing heels to the Giza plateau is just asinine, but so is wearing stiletto sandals on the cobble streets of Pompeii and I’ve seen that before too.
      Wise traveler = wise footwear choice
      Thanks for reading!

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