Happy New Year from Ancient Egypt


Enjoy this collection of ancient Egyptian images of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration!  All details are original photos from the tomb of Ramses VI (KV 9).

Happy New Year!

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  1. David Caldecoat01-10-2011

    Lovely photos from the tomb of Ramses IV, the one thing that i really enjoy about looking at Egyptian tomb paintings
    is the freshness of the colour and the detail.

    • Art of Counting01-10-2011

      Thank you, David! It really is astonishing how crisp and fresh the paint is in the rare locations where it survives to this level. During my work, I took 900+ images in this tomb and I wish I’d shot 1000 more–it never fails to take my breath away.

The Art of Counting is dedicated to the memory of Margery Meilleur, who first taught me to view history through the eyes of the images we create.