Tacky Tourist: No pole dancing!


Our ongoing series of tourists doing or wearing, shall we say…interesting things.  Some will make you guffaw, some will make you a touch ill, and some will make you want to wander around with a crop and smack some of these people.  This particular lady was obviously not concerned with what she was leaning against.  She lounged on the column base for a while (before we said something to her), scooting around to get clear views of the relief their guide was describing without bothering to get up.  I’m not even going to begin with how inappropriate her position is, particularly in short white shorts…

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  1. Eddie11-22-2010

    It’s amazing to come all that way to visit a place like that and not have enough presence of mind to realize that that is not a place of rest. Also, regardless of how moderate Egypt is when compared to other muslim countries I can only imagine how such a seated position would offend some of the locals there. GIven the mores, it should come as no surprise.

  2. Art of Counting12-01-2010

    It always amazes me too, Eddie! The oblivious nature of some of these folks is is truly stunning at times. There is a level of casual callousness that speaks of deep ignorance. Egypt is quite moderate in comparison with other countries in the region, but that is no reason to whip out so much flesh and throw it in the face of what is considered acceptable. When in Rome…

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