Tacky Tourist: She just can’t help herself


Our ongoing series of tourists wearing or doing, shall we say…interesting things.  Some will make you titter, some will give you a jarring shock, and others will encourage you to go around putting guardrails around everything, since those unambiguous indicators at least tend to curb the fondling.  This lady at Deir el Bahri appears to be fantasizing about stroking the famous scenes of the expedition to Punt (located behind the guard rail behind her) as she gropes the accessible relief on the column.  Note the woman wearing pink at the far left of the photo–you will be seeing FAR too much of her in a future Tacky Tourist.  My SCA inspector, Salah, is at the far right photographing the relief groper.  We were very blatant about shooting the tourists, but they were (mostly) as oblivious to us as they were of the effects of their own actions.

Tacky tourist

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  1. Ben Morales-Correa10-24-2010

    And to think they wouldn’t even think of doing this in their own country.

    • Art of Counting10-24-2010

      So true, Ben! I’d bet these folks don’t do this sort of thing when they visit their own cultural treasures…
      Thanks for checking us out and commenting!

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