Tacky Tourist: Your @$$ does NOT belong there!


Our ongoing series of tourists wearing or doing, shall we say…interesting things.  Some will make you snicker, some will make you wail, and others will just frustrate you with their short-sighted and insensitive nature.  This one may not seem so bad when you first look at it, but the fact that he also had his backpack crammed in the niche behind him, rubbing on painted raised relief as he shifted around to get all the photos he wanted, makes it one of the most destructive Tacky Tourist photos yet.

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  1. Catlin10-22-2010

    This is exactly why sites get closed to the public.

    • Art of Counting10-22-2010

      You are so right, Catlin…and why some others should be. If people want Disney and Vegas, where it is fine to touch the walls because teams of people emerge at night to repaint any damage, then I wish they would go there instead of visiting ancient monuments and causing them thoughtless harm. These treasures belong to all of us, but also to the generations that will follow us.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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