Crowd-sourcing and archaeology


Digging Digitally recently posted an entry discussing the potential of crowd-sourcing for archaeological endeavors.  There are a number of projects in the fields of astronomy, climatology, and seismology that already have shown great benefit from setting up a crowd-sourcing portal.  As the author points out, archaeology holds as much (if not more) public interest as these fields–if there was a way to tap into this pool of eager volunteers and utilize their varying skills, imagine how much data could we process.

So what could we do with this crowd-sourced/distributed-computing approach in archaeology? After all, just like astronomy and medical research, we too have a lot of goodwill from the general public directed at us. There has to be a way to channel some of this. Surely, we can find some huge data sets that need processing and whose results can be appealing to a general audience?

Read the full post here.

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