Andrew Sullivan shows that we’re not alone: Indologists

While this website has no political agenda, we do wish to recognize anyone that seeks to bring multiple perspectives, approaches, philosophies, and an array of academic expertise to any subject.  For example, the Art of Counting seeks to blend visual analysis with statistical analysis across the entire spectrum of human artistic expression.  Andrew Sullivan (agree with his political ideologies or not) deals with a stunning array of subjects and perspectives, including art, history, philosophy, politics, environment, music, and more.

Recently, he has brought a focus to different professions, asking readers to send in descriptions of their unusual jobs and what these jobs entail.  The link below caught my eye because, from a broad perspective, it deals with some of the challenges that the Art of Counting faces; namely how to describe what we do.

I hope you enjoy the link below, which provides the perspectives of an Indologist.  Read, and learn.

I believe our humanity lies in the possibility of our differences, and it is this that makes us interesting, both as individuals and as a species.

This is why the Humanities are called humanities, and why they encompass all form of texts: to explore the infinite possibilities of being human. And that, too, is why they have value, no matter from which continent or era they draw their inspiration.

The purpose of my field, then, is to understand something about the ways of being human in the world. And if I could find a single term to convey all that I’d be home free!

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