Tacky Tourist: Culture Clash


Our ongoing series of tourists doing or wearing, shall we say…interesting things.  Some will make you slightly ill, some will make you LOL, and some will make you want to track these folks down and smack some sense into them.  This one, taken at Deir el Bahri, includes a number of tourists who made very poor wardrobe choices for the context, but the contrast of the Egyptian woman (a tour guide, I’m guessing) and Ms. micro-shorts is especially stark.  The sharp sideways glance kind of says it all.


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  1. b.mackenzie02-06-2011

    so inappropriate…but check out the woman on the left…her SINGLE shirt button is clinging on for dear life!

    • Art of Counting02-08-2011

      Amazing, isn’t it? There were several astonishingly dressed people in the temple this particular day. I wondered if there was a contest at their resort to see who could get on the tour bus with the least amount of clothing…
      Thanks for reading!

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