Awesome new hieroglyph WordPress plugin under construction!


Kate Phizackerley announced in her blog yesterday that a WordPress hieroglyph plugin is now in development!  This is a big project and has recently been initiated, but once completed, this plugin will provide a very valuable resource for Egypt blogs and web-based endeavors.  This is an important step towards a standardization of hieroglyphic presentations in the Web 2.0 environment.

Thank you, Kate!  This means that Egyptologists will be able to easily share information using hieroglyphs without the traditional worry of having to make sure everybody has the right font installed on individual machines.

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  1. Kate Phizackerley01-15-2011

    The main plugin is still under development – I had a few months off. For those who can’t wait, I have just announced an update of the quick-and-dirty alternative. It can be used as a WordPress plugin, or stand-alone for those sites which don’t use WordPress (subject to some technical constraints).

    This is the “lite” version, so don’t expect anthing fancy. Think of it as a good way of adding short, simple pieces of hieroglyphs like X1:N35:N5-M17-F35-F35-F35-F35-F35-M18-X1:Z4-B1 (not perfect as the “.” is missing). It’s a work in progress. Cartouches still aren’t quite ready, but it is coming on.

    (For anybody who is serious, I suggest the main plugin when it is finished, but this is a make-do for now if you have fairly simple needs.)

  2. Art of Counting01-15-2011

    Thank you so much for putting this together, Kate, and for letting us know about the lite version! This is sure to be a very useful plugin. Thanks for all of your efforts–keep up the great work!

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